Drug resistance in cancer therapy significantly limits patient survival

There is a high unmet need for durable therapeutic options for cancer patients. Although cancer drugs relief patients from their tumor burden, they oftentimes lose their effectiveness over time. Drug resistance remains a major limiting factor to the survival of many cancer patients. Moreover, the development of drug resistance is a process that evolves and can become increasingly complex over time. This can make the clinical management of drug-resistant tumors very challenging. 


An innovative way to eliminate the seed of drug resistance

Understanding the molecular mechanisms that initiate drug resistance is paramount to increasing the long-term effectiveness of cancer treatments. TOLREMO’s innovative therapeutic approach specifically eradicates those cancer cells that ultimately cause drug resistance. The company’s science-based drug discovery and development pipeline is driven by the scientific founders’ unique insights into the molecular mechanisms of cancer and drug resistance and by their expertise in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical drug development. TOLREMO applies this knowledge to develop personalized therapies that prevent the development of drug resistance and prolong the lives of cancer patients. 

TOLREMO’s R&D efforts are guided by a unique screening platform for which a patent has been filed. In addition to discovering and developing novel anti-drug resistance cancer drugs, the company also seeks to identify novel ways of combining existing drugs to prevent drug resistance in cancer. Informed by a deep understanding of the drug resistance mechanisms discovered by TOLREMO’s scientific founders, the company plans to use its precision medicines in combination with diagnostic solutions to ensure that the right patient is treated with the right drug at the right time.