Drug Resistance Platform

Drug resistance in cancer therapy significantly limits patient survival

There is a high unmet need for durable therapeutic options for cancer patients. Although cancer drugs relief patients from their tumor burden, they oftentimes lose their effectiveness over time. TOLREMO has developed a novel conceptual drug resistance framework that provides a unique entry point into this major clinical problem. By combining its resistance-breaking add-on therapies with existing cancer drugs, the company aims to meaningfully extend the lives of patients suffering from different types cancer.


Using science to eliminate the seed of drug resistance

Understanding the molecular mechanisms that initiate drug resistance is paramount to increasing the long-term effectiveness of cancer treatments. Clinical drug response is influenced by spatial heterogeneity, genetic makeup and transcriptional cell states which evolve over time and across the cell population of a tumor. Considering temporal aspects and stochastic cell states during drug resistance development is key to long-lasting therapies.

TOLREMO has built a unique drug resistance platform that combines real-world medicine-guided, cutting-edge science with proprietary drug screening modalities and a preclinical validation pipeline. TOLREMO’s drug resistance platform is integrated in a network of academic and clinical partners that further fuel the company’s drug discovery and development engine.

Resistance-breaking add-on therapies for durable therapeutic outcomes

TOLREMO leverages its unique drug resistance platform to achieve durable therapeutic responses to a multitude cancer drugs by co-targeting key drug resistance mechanisms. In two parallel R&D programs the company develops resistance-breaking add-on therapies that extend the clinical benefit of existing cancer drugs. TOLREMO plans to use its molecules alongside diagnostic solutions to ensure that the right patient is treated with the right drug at the right time.