Preventing Resistance Development in Cancer

Striving to extend the lives of cancer patients

TOLREMO therapeutics AG (“TOLREMO”) was founded on ground-breaking scientific discoveries in the field of drug resistance in cancer. TOLREMO's proprietary drug discovery and development platform has the potential to catalyze a new wave of novel resistance-breaking therapies that will meaningfully extend the lives of patients suffering from cancer.


Combining scientific excellence with biotech experience and real-world medicine

TOLREMO is a privately held Swiss biotechnology company that was founded in March 2017 as an ETH Spin-off by Dr. Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Krek, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Altmann, Dr. Isaac Kobrin, and Emmanuel Savioz. The company's science-based drug discovery and development pipeline is driven by the scientific founders' unique insights into the molecular mechanisms of cancer and drug resistance and by their expertise in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical drug development.

Within the short time since foundation, the company has leveraged its profound understanding of a novel scientific drug resistance framework to develop new chemical matter in two parallel drug discovery and development programs. TOLREMO's goal is to create medicines that can be combined with multiple existing cancer drugs to prevent resistance development in several types of cancer. The close collaboration with clinical partners enables TOLREMO to continuously challenge and validate its drug resistance technology platform with input from pioneering real-world medicine.


At the heart of a world-leading science hub

TOLREMO is headquartered on the ETH Hönggerberg campus in Zurich, Switzerland, where the company is part of a dynamic scientific and entrepreneurial community composed of world-leading academic research laboratories, flourishing life sciences spin-offs and cutting-edge technology platforms. TOLREMO enjoys broad access to state-of-the art ETH infrastructure including laboratory space and an industry standard robotic screening facility. To accomodate the growing company’s need for more space, TOLREMO will be moving to Switzerland Innovation Park Basel in Q2 2020 - right to the heart of Switzerland’s pharma and biotech hub.